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What Does Cloud Computing Have in Store For us?

What Does Cloud Computing Have in Store For us?

Traditional networks connect a certain number of clients to a single server, which processes all the requests like internet, running of applications and computational tasks. The main disadvantage is that the processing power of the server is constant. If the number of clients is less, power remains unutilized, and if the clients increase to a great extent, the processing becomes slow. To overcome this drawback, masterminds came up with the concept of cloud computing, where there is one centrally located cloud server, whose processing power can be increased on the go. These are virtual servers located on the internet, and can be connected using an internet enabled device.


What Does Cloud Computing Have in Store For us?

A user needs to be subscribed to the cloud server of any cloud provider. Then he needs a device like personal computer or tablet PC to connect to the Internet and log into the cloud service provider using web browser protocols. The cloud server provides all the necessary services and applications users might need, all of them running on virtual servers, being stored on virtual storage spaces allocated to each user, while only the display is shown on the client’s device. The processing abilities of the services depend on the speed and reliability of internet.

Some of the immediate advantages it has over traditional networks are –

What Does Cloud Computing Have in Store For us?

Platform independent

As it is a completely web based service; it is irrelevant whether the client device is running on Windows, or Linux, or mobile operating systems. Even all the applications used are standard to cloud system, and not specific to any particular operating system.

Location independent

All the resources and services can be accessed on the go from anywhere on the world where Internet services are available. Even no external storage space is required as they are balanced over a common infrastructure.


Dummy terminals can be used which are not connected to any processor or storage device. The system completely virtualizes all the services provided to the clients.


What Does Cloud Computing Have in Store For us?

The concept of cloud computing was developed as a SaaS and its primitive state. It means Software as a Service. It provides a single application over internet to all its users, giving a strong advantage to both the sides. In the client side, it ensures no investment in servers for running that application, on the server side, it ensures lesser maintenance costs. Similar variations include Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Various deployment models of cloud computing are –

Private Cloud

Private cloud is owned and operated by a single organization.

Public Cloud

Public cloud is owned by an organization providing cloud services to the common people.

Community Cloud

Community cloud is owned and shared between organizations, and directed towards people having similar interests.

Since its growth and development, cloud computing had to face a lot of opposition primarily due to the ambiguity in its name, criticizing it to be very unspecific about what it does. Apart from it, people are concerned about the security and privacy of their data, as all of it is stored over the internet, and are prone to misuse. Even after this, organizations continue to provide cloud services to their users as it has got several upper hands like parallelism, integrity, better sustainability and operability. They view it in the perspective of shaping the future. There is no doubt that cloud computing holds a supreme potential for improving businesses in the days to come.

Our years of experience, combined with our outstanding staff of consultants, allow us to provide complete, end-to-end solutions, from concept to completion and well beyond.

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