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SAP Solution Manager

Standard platform for a holistic Application Lifecycle Management

SAP Solution Manager is the standard platform for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), and plays a decisive role within the ALM tools.

Besides providing SAP functionality itself, SAP Solution Manager integrates the other tools to ensure a comprehensive approach.

It enables the central access to all required functions and central availability of all required information.

Additionally, SAP Solution Manager facilitates the efficient collaboration between your company and the SAP support organization to optimize the value of your support engagement.

Get Started with SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager is the central solution for Application Lifecycle Management and the operation (RunSAP) of software solutions. It facilitates efficient application management and collaboration with SAP.
  • It supports heterogeneous system environments, and its functions cover all key areas, from implementation and go-live to operation and ongoing improvement of solutions
  • It combines tools, content, and direct access to SAP to increase the reliability and stability of solutions and lower the total cost of operations (TCO).
  • SAP Solution Manager is also the linchpin for cooperation in the SAP ecosystem: that is, cooperation between project teams, SAP partners, consultants, and SAP Active Global Support (SAP AGS), because it simplifies communication among all stakeholders of a solution.

All our resources ultimately help you cut costs, increase security and reliability, and boost your ROI.

So whether you’re looking to implement SAP Solution Manager or technical operation and management of your SAP applications or even a remote SAP Basis team, Paramount Consulting can provide you a customized solution that suits your company’s needs.

Call us to learn more about how Paramount Consulting could implement SAP Solution Manager for you.

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