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In-memory computing technology impacts velocity, volume and value

SAPís High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) exploits the advantages of In-Memory Computing that allows the processing of massive quantities of real time data in the main memory of the server to provide immediate results from analyses and transactions by combining SAP software components optimized on hardware provided and delivered by SAP leading hardware partners.

SAP HANA is a combination of hardware and software specifically made to process massive real time data using In-Memory computing.

SAP HANA enables:

  • 3600x faster reporting speed*

Our SAP Consulting empowers you to:

  • Integrate SAP HANA into your strategy & landscape

  • Define your specific SAP HANA roadmap through design and build

  • Understand SAP HANA components and required skills

  • Identify and prioritize your SAP HANA reporting scenarios

  • Minimize deployment risks and to maximize cost efficiency

  • Identify, define and justify unique business scenarios/processes where SAP HANA can be applicable

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Our years of experience, combined with our outstanding staff of consultants, allow us to provide complete, end-to-end solutions, from concept to completion and well beyond.

Please contact us to discuss your consulting needs and we are waiting to help you.

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